After over two decades in the backpacker industry helping thousands of backpackers each year we have heard way too many horror stories – people with the incorrect insurance or none at all when things go wrong.

Backpacker adventureOn the other hand, we have also know many instances (including ourselves) of travellers who have made successful claims in situations where it would have been potentially very financially damaging not to mention the extra stress.

We know from personal experience buying insurance can be a frustrating process full of loop holes and fine print.

WorldCoverTips aim to make it easy for you to get the coverage you need without paying for what you don’t.

But that is not the best bit

We also focus on insurance companies that have great service when you most need it!

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  • We have purchased expensive insurance where the process to make a legitimate claim is not worth the time and stress. (So I didn’t claim)
  • We have been sold insurance that covers me for events and things I don’t need and will never claim.
  • And we have purchased insurance more than once not really knowing what I was covered for including things I am pretty sure I really did need… Who knows?
  • We have worked with backpackers for over two decades (helping them to get work) and unfortunately have herd way too many horror stories.

We recon this sucks and I believe it does not have to be this way!

This website is all about empowering backpackers to make better choices – by getting up to speed quickly on what you need and by identifying the best services by country specifically aimed at backpackers.

HopeĀ  you can make a better choice!

Happy Travels,


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