Me (Left) with Chris Guillebeau (Visitor to every country in the world)

Backpacker insurance – Really boring at best – Really useful at worst.

My name is Quinn and I know from personal experience buying insurance can be a frustrating process full of loop holes and fine print.

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  • I have purchased expensive insurance where the process to make a legitimate claim is not worth the time and stress. (So I didn’t claim)
  • I have been sold insurance that covers me for events and things I don’t need and will never claim.
  • And I have purchased insurance more than once not really knowing what I was covered for including things I am pretty sure I really did need… Who knows?
  • I have worked with backpackers for two decades (helping them to get work) and unfortunately have herd way too many horror stories.

I recon this sucks and I believe it does not have to be this way!

This website is all about empowering backpackers to make better choices – by getting up to speed quickly on what you need and by identifying the best services by country specifically aimed at backpackers.

HopeĀ  you can make a better choice!

Happy Travels,


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