One-Way Travel Insurance

+ 8 Options That Work

Leaving on a jet-plane with a one-way ticket is stuff dreams are made of.

But getting one-way travel insurance? Not so much.

Especially when most travel insurance companies require a return ticket to your place of residence while processing your request.

travel Insurance One-Way Overseas Guide

So what do you do?

When you’re planning a year-long backpacking adventure or emigrating to a new country?

Is one-way travel insurance your only option?

You need one-way travel insurance when you’re making an outbound journey from your country of residence (that is, somewhere you have been staying for over a year and may be different from your country of origin).

For example, one-way travel (wikipedia) insurance covers you when you’re emigrating to a new country, with a few stops along the way, or if you’re planning a year-long backpacking trip before you finally arrive at your destination.

A one-way travel insurance policy can cover you for a few days to several months.

However, these policies generally expire soon after you arrive at your destination (within a day, and in some rare cases, within a week). One-way travel insurance issuers also expect you to arrive at your final destination within a stipulated time-limit. So it’s important to factor in potential delays or itinerary changes to stay financially protected during your trip.

What does one-way travel insurance cover?

It’s difficult to anticipate bottlenecks when your trip hasn’t even started.

But imagine this: You’re out for dinner with friends, and your purse (with your passport!) gets snatched. Or worse – you arrive on a remote island and learn that a flood warning has been issued.

Needless to say, it’s always smart to stay covered no matter the duration of your one-way journey.

Most one-way travel insurance policies will cover you for the following:

Medical emergencies (including repatriation to home country in extreme cases), emergency evacuation, accidental injury or death, baggage hold ups or loss, personal liability cover, legal fees, and loss of travel documents. These policies also offer cover for a number of exciting (and potentially high risk) holidays activities.

Which one-way travel insurance is right for your trip?

The terms of your one-way travel insurance will depend on your country of residence, duration of travel, the places you’ll be visiting in between, planned activities, as well as your final destination.

Wondering which one-way travel insurance is right for you if you’re outbound from the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia?

You have come to the right place!

Please Note: Whilst we have taken a lot of care in producing this helpful information, you are responsible for checking if a particular insuracne is right your your needs.


If you need one-way travel insurance from the UK, here are your options.

True Traveller

True Traveller offers 3 tiers of one-way travel insurance to UK residents: True Value, Traveller and Traveller Plus.

Max duration of coverage: 24 months (can vary according to the destination)

What does it cover: Emergency medical expenses, legal fees, hijacking, personal accident, personal liability (for claims brought against you during your journey), repatriation, baggage cover (optional), travel disruption, airline failure, etc.


·         Longest cover duration

·         You’re also covered during home visits (unlimited) for any duration of insurance

·         Huge variety of activity add-ons if you’re feeling extra adventurous (you’re covered for 92 activities by default).

Go Walkabout

Go Walkabout offers a flat quote based on travel details.

Max duration of coverage: 186 days (includes 31 days maximum cover after arriving at your destination)

What does it cover: Medical emergency, loss of personal effects (including eyewear, fine jewelry and laptop), legal advice, personal harm (hijacking, kidnapping, or detention), personal belongings lost in transit, repatriation, missing departure, accidental death or loss of limb, etc. You’re also covered in case of injuries from various fun activities (winter sports, outdoor adventures, etc.).


  • Coverage continues for 31 days after you arrive at your final destination
  • Offers Pet Migration Insurance

If you’re looking for one-way travel insurance as an EU resident (not just UK), Globelink International  and Big Cat Travel Insurance (economic pricing and long coverage) are also good options.

USA and Canada

If you’re outbound from the USA or Canada, opt for a one-way travel insurance from World Nomads (review) whether you’re in the country or already travelling.

World Nomads (USA)

World Nomads offers 2 tiers of one-way travel insurance for US residents: Standard and Explorer

Max duration of coverage: up to 180 days (5 months)

What does it cover: Medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, repatriation, baggage loss, accidental death, adventure activities, etc.

World Nomads (Canada)

World Nomads offers 2 tiers of one-way travel insurance for Canadian residents as well: Standard and Explorer. However, the coverage terms differ from that of US residents.

Max duration of coverage: 12 months

What does it cover: Medical emergency, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, repatriation, baggage loss, baggage theft, travel documents theft, sports equipment loss or theft, adventure activities, etc.


  • Super easy to opt for cover if you’re already travelling (pretty much anywhere in the world).


Outbound from Australia? The following service providers can help you with the right travel insurance for your one-way trip.


1Cover offers 2 specialised one-way travel insurance plans for Australian residents: Medical Only and Comprehensive.

Max duration of coverage: 12 months (6 months for individuals over 80 years)

Medical Only:

This plan is focused on overseas medical emergencies, including surgery and hospitalisation fees, as well as personal liability claims against an insurer.

Comprehensive Plan:

This plan includes full medical emergency benefits as well as the following: loss of personal effects (including cash and credit card theft), cancellation costs, alternative travel arrangement costs, accidental death or injury (including permanent disability), domestic costs incurred due to travel disruptions (housekeeping fees, additional kennel and cattery costs, etc.).

Different add-ons are also available, including cover for high-value items as well as outdoor activities.


  • Dedicated medical plan for one-way travel
  • Covers permanent disability costs (indefinitely)
  • Covers domestic costs incurred in case of disruptions during travel

Fast cover

Fast cover offers 3 tiers of one-way travel insurance for Australian residents: Comprehensive, Standard and Basic.

Max duration of coverage: 12 months

What does it cover: All three plans cover unlimited overseas medical expenses. You’re also covered in case of travel delays, cancellation, loss of luggage and personal effects, etc. (although these do vary according to your selected plan).


  • Unlimited medical expenses overseas
  • Covers 43 pre-existing medical conditions (the most extensive we’ve seen so far)

Quick Recap: Consider the following to choose the right one-way travel insurance for your trip

  • Cover your trip as soon as you book your ticket. While most travel insurance providers will allow you to purchase coverage if you’re already travelling, don’t wait for adversity to hit before opting for insurance as you’ll not be able to claim these expenses.
  • One-way coverage for your trip depends on your country of residence, trip duration, places you’ll visit in between, as well as your final destination. Choose a provider and plan that offers optimum coverage based on your itinerary. Needless to say, the most economical option isn’t always the best.
  • Do you plan to work during your backpacking trip? Choose the appropriate add-on that covers the type of work you’d like to engage in (for example, volunteering vs. manual work)
  • If you’re an adventurous soul, opt for a plan (or add-ons) that offers maximum coverage from high risk holiday activities.
  • Don’t forget to read the fine print: Do you have a pre-existing medical condition? You won’t be able to claim expenses if this condition isn’t covered by your insurance provider. Are you traveling to a region of unrest? Your provider may not cover you for emergency evacuations and damages in such cases.

Safe travels!